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What you see is folk music, but what you hear is something else. You can't believe your ears? No, it is not playback....these are Silvayovci! Silvayovci are unique and original formation of cymbalom band like never before. The „Secret" of their success lies in the merger of traditional and modern music. It forms unknown and innovative ''cimbalom sound'', which is based on exploitation of folk acoustic instruments and modern musical style. Their ingenuity in finding new sounds and atypical styles of playing doesn’t know any boundaries. They performed in the same formation since 2003, playing repertory typical for common cimbalom band. Since 2007, the specificity of the band slowly crystallized and today you cannot miss their progressiveness. The founders of the band are brothers, Miloš and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel (action arranger).

Untraditional band is visible for the wider public from 2010, when in the show Česko-Slovensko má Talent, went to the semifinal round. They shocked and caught attention on themself on casting in the theater by playing the song Children (Robert Miles) on fujara and other traditional folk instruments. In the semi-final round, they surprised the audience by playing the songs from Prodigy, Michael Jackson and the group Yes and other famous songs. Virtuosity was not absent and also new and unusual techniques of playing violin, dulcimer or cajon.



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